• A loose knit light tan sweater featuring an oversized fit.


Every woman's wardrobe is her opportunity to stand out and make that ever lasting first impression. Ivy Grey has always been a dream of mine. We are an online clothing boutique with all the latest fashion to help dress anyone for any occasion. To keep our customers in style we post new arrivals every two-three days as well as offer stylist picks to help any shopper that may need help with that special outfit.  Our Mission for our clients is to provide them with a luxury one stop shop for that trendy look without the hassle of breaking the bank. Beyond just helping our customers feel confident, Ivy Grey strives to make every purchase a positive experience. Our mission is to make going to your closet the highlight of your day. We've all been there, a closet filled with clothes that do not fit, aren't stylish and do not express your style. This is exactly why Ivy Grey was created. We want you to have the closet that you desire so that you can have the confidence you deserve.  We pride ourselves on our customer service. We hope that you enjoy shopping with us!!!

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